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Francisco Alexandrino MSc Student Lab. : João Barata Lab

Francisco Baptista MSc Student Lab. : Luís Costa Lab

Francisco Calero Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Edgar Gomes Lab

Francisco Javier Lombardo Enguita Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Francisco Meda MSc Student Lab. : Ana Sebastião Lab

Frederico Simões do Couto Clinical Researcher Lab. : José Ferro Lab

Gabriel Miltényi-Miltenberger Staff Scientist Lab. : Mamede de Carvalho Lab

Gabriela Leal Lab Technician Lab. : José Ferro Lab

Gonçalo A. Oliveira Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Miguel Remondes Lab

Gonçalo Bernardes Group Leader

Graciano Leal Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Edgar Gomes Lab

Guilherme Ribeiro da Silva MSc Student Lab. : Nuno Santos Lab

Helena Nunes-Cabaço Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Miguel Prudêncio Lab

Helena Pinheiro PhD Student Lab. : Edgar Gomes Lab

Hélia Cristina Oliveira Neves Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Edgar Gomes Lab

Hemaxi Narotamo Lab Technician Lab. : Cláudio Franco Lab

Henrique Atalaia Barbacena Trainee Lab. : Ana Espada de Sousa Lab

Idálio Viegas PhD Student Lab. : Luísa Figueiredo Lab

Inês A. Cabral Lab Technician Lab. : João Lacerda Lab

Inês Albuquerque PhD Student Lab. : Gonçalo Bernardes Lab

Inês Almada Correia MSc Student Lab. : João Eurico Fonseca Lab

Inês Antunes Lab Manager Lab. : Pedro Víctor Lab

Inês Bento Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Maria Mota Lab

Inês Bilé Legal Counsel

Inês Domingues Communication Director

Inês Fernandes Gomes PhD Student Lab. : Luís Costa Lab

Inês Marreiros PhD Student Lab. : Maria Mota Lab

Inês Martins Lab Technician Lab. : Edgar Gomes Lab

Inês Mendes PhD Student Lab. : Mário Ramirez Lab