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Rheumatology Research

The Rheumatology Research Lab results from a partnership between the iMM/FML and the Rheumatology Department of the Santa Maria Hospital. Basic scientists and clinicians closely work together to promote translational research and clinical excellence in the field of Rheumatology.

Our specific research objectives are the study of the impact of inflammatory joint diseases (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), Spondyloarthritis (SpA) and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)) in order to characterize potential tools for early diagnosis and prognosis and to preview response to treatment interventions, taking a step forward towards precision medicine in the field of rheumatology.

Finally, we are involved in clinical trials, development of registries (in collaboration with the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology) and epidemiological studies, in providing services to the community, including expertise advisory to governmental institutions and in postgraduate teaching. The long-term objective of the RRU is to achieve recognition as an European League Against Rheumatism Centre of Excellence in Rheumatology.

Research Team

Adriana Vieira
Lab Manager

Bruno Miguel Costa Vidal
Lab Manager

Catarina Bento
MSc Student

Catarina Mendes Cândido
MSc Student

Catarina Tomé
PhD Student

Cristina Ponte
Postdoctoral Researcher

Elsa Vieira de Sousa
Postdoctoral Researcher

Estela Nogueira
Clinical Researcher

Fernando Saraiva
Clinical Researcher

Filipa Oliveira Ramos
Postdoctoral Researcher

Inês Almada Correia
MSc Student

Inês Leal
Postdoctoral Researcher

Inês Sá Borges
Clinical Study Coordinator

Joana Gameiro
Postdoctoral Researcher

Joana Rita Carrulo Inácio
MSc Student

Joaquim Polido Pereira
PhD Student

Manuel Silvério António
Clinical Researcher

Maria Helena da Fonseca
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Maria José Santos
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Matilde Bandeira
Clinical Researcher

Nikita Khmelinskii
Clinical Researcher

Patrícia Costa Reis
Postdoctoral Researcher

Pedro Ávila Ribeiro
PhD Student

Raquel Campanilho Marques
Clinical Researcher

Rita Aguiar Moura
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Rita Cruz Machado
Clinical Researcher

Rui Lourenço Teixeira
PhD Student

Sara Gonçalves
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Sofia Barreira
Clinical Researcher

Susana Capela
Clinical Researcher

Vasco Crispim Romão
Postdoctoral Researcher

Ângelo Calado
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Areas

Early Arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis; Spondylarthritis, Lupus, Pediatric Rheumatology:

  • Biomarkers;
  • Prognosis;
  • Response to Treatment;
  • Precision Medicine;
  • New Targets.

Epidemiology of Rheumatic Diseases, Cohorts, Registries and Databases.

Recommendations and Guidelines.

Clinical Trials.

Ongoing Research Projects

2020/2022 Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: PRES/EMERGE/EMUNET.

2020/2023 LESS – Lisbon Enthesitis Sonographic Score. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Novartis.

2020/2023 Clinical course and predictors of severe coronavirus disease 19 among patients with rheumatic diseases in Portugal – a multicentre, observational, nationwide study. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Merck Sharp & Dohme.

2020/2023 Comparative effectiveness of tofacitinib and interleukin (IL)23/IL17 inhibitors in PsA patients registered in the Rheumatic Diseases Portuguese Register. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia.

2019/2029: Biovas - Biobanco de vasculitis. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca.

2019/2026: Identification of the Molecular Mechanisms of non-response to Treatments, Relapses and Remission in Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and Allergic Conditions. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: European Commission.

2019/2023: Prosprective observational study to examine the change of vision-related quality of life in patients with spondyloarthritis during treatment with montly subcutaneous injections of golimumab 50 mg according to EU label. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Merck Sharp & Dohme.

2019/2022: Estudo da permeabilidade intestinal e do microbioma em doentes com lúpus eritrematoso sistémico. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: L'Óreal/FCT.

2019/2022: Study of the immune-modulatory effect of Tofacitinib on B cell function in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca.

2019/2022: The role of JAK-STAT signalling pathway as key to chronic arthritis onset. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia.

2019/2021: MILES STUDY – Mesotherapy in Lateral Epicondylitis, a prospective randomized controlled Study. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Fundação Grünenthal.

2018/2022: Immune response to Hepatitis B and Influenza vaccines in rheumatic patients under biological therapies. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Novartis.

2018/2022: Loss of follow up dos doentes sob biológicos. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Novartis.

2018/2021: Long term effect of tofacitinib on bone: friend or foe? Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatogia.

2017/2027: PROTEA - Prognosis of temporal arteritis. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca.

2017/2022: The effect of Tofacitinib on B cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia.

2017/2022: B Cells in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia.

2017/2021: Preclinical evaluation of celastrol for the treatment of RA: long-term efficacy and safety in the chronic DBA/1 mice model. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca. Funding Agency: Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia.

2016/2022: The interplay of B and T folicullar cell subset in early arthritis patients. Coordinator: João Eurico da Fonseca.


2019 L’Oreal FCT UNESCO Women in Science Award (was awarded to Patrícia Reis).

2019 JAKIE Dr. Roberto Martins Grant - Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia e Pfizer Immunology (was awarded to Rui Teixeira).

2019 Dor da Fundação Grunenthal Award (was awarded to Vitor Teixeira, Andrade P, Narciso ML, Elsa Sousa, Fernando Saraiva, João Eurico da Fonseca).

2019 EMERGE/EMEUNET Cooperation Grant (was awarded to Marques R, Rita Moura, Rosser E, Callis J, João Eurico da Fonseca).

2019 1st prize - Real Word Evidence Award-Janssen Immunology (awarded to Elsa Sousa, Eusébio M, Pedro Ávila-Ribeiro, Khmelinskii N, Machado R, Rocha TM, Bernardes M, Santos-Faria D, Leite Silva J, Santos H, Miguel C, Carvalho P, Costa T, Teixeira L, Meirinhos T, Nero P, João Eurico da Fonseca, Maria José Santos).

2014 ECTS/Amgen Bone Biology Fellowship (was awarded to Bruno Vidal).

2013 ASPIRE EU Inflammation Pfizer Research Awards. Inhibition of bone and cartilage degradation in rat induced arthritis treated with tofacitinib.

2012 Bolsa de Investigação Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia/ MSD 2011 (was awarded to Elsa Sousa).

2010 Senior Clinical Award, Harvard Medical School- Portugal Program (was awarded to Helena Canhão).

2010 ECTS/Servier award 2010 (was awarded to Saba Abdulghani).

2009 Bial Prize for Clinical Medicine 2008 (was awarded to João Eurico Fonseca, Helena Canhão, Maria José Santos, Ana Filipa Mourão, Elsa Sousa, Joana Caetano Lopes, Rita Moura, Pamela Weinmann, José Alberto Pereira da Silva, Jaime Branco and Mário Viana Queiroz).

2005 EULAR Young Investigator Award from European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR),(was awarded to João Eurico Fonseca).

Selected Publications

Martins P, Teixeira V, Teixeira FJ, Canastro M, Palha A, Fonseca JE, Ponte C (2020). Giant Cell Arteritis With Normal Inflammatory Markers: Case Report and Review of the Literature. Clinical Rheumatology.

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group leader : João Eurico Fonseca
  • Group Leader at iMM since 2004
  • Associate Professor with Habilitation, FMUL
  • Rheumatologist, Rheumatology Department at Hospital de Santa Maria
  • MD (1992) and PhD (2004) in Rheumatology at FMUL