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Biobanco-iMM CAML

The Biobanco-iMM CAML is integrated in the Academic Medical Center of Lisbon (CAML), which brings together on the same campus a research institute (Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes - iMM), a medical school (Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa - FMUL) and an university hospital (Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte - CHLN, Hospital de Santa Maria - HSM).

Biobanks are strategic tools for the development of medicine and translational research. The Biobanco-iMM CAML includes biological samples (from surgery, biopsies, blood samples, ...) which are voluntarily donated with permission for preservation and future use in biomedical research.

All samples are accompanied by clinical information, a crucial factor for subsequent research. The Biobanco-iMM CAML is approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee and by the National Commission for Data Protection.

The Biobanco-iMM CAML allows the study of the pathogenesis of multiple diseases with enormous impact on human health (such as neurological diseases, rheumatic disorders and cancer), improving the identification of new prognostic and diagnostic tests and new therapeutic targets. Our vision is that the Biobanco-iMM CAML will be a contribution for promoting health and well-being of society, but will also have the potential to act as a catalyst for new opportunities for cooperation between national and international researchers, institutions and pharmaceutical industry.

Scientific Commission - Evaluates proposals and authorizes sample use. João Eurico da Fonseca; Cristina Ferreira; Alexandre Mendonça; Dulce Brito;  Joana Caetano-Lopes; Leonor Correia Guedes; Luís Costa; Ruth Geraldes; Sandra Casimiro.

Technical Commission - Ensures the legal and technical framework for proper functioning. Filipa Nunes​.


Biobanco-iMM CAML is available to establish agreements with researchers to provide specific services. Biobanco-iMM CAML can provide different services to the scientific community, which includes:
  • Nucleic Acid extraction (DNA and RNA) from whole blood, tissue and cells.
  • Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) isolation.
  • Primary cell culture of human skin fibroblasts.
  • Sample processing according to good laboratory practice (GLP) and Standard Operating Procedures.



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