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Tomás Marques MSc Student Lab. : João Barata Lab

Valter R Fonseca Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Luís Graça Lab

Vanda Freitas Castro Clinical Researcher Lab. : Joaquim Ferreira Lab

Vanessa Alexandra Morais Group Leader

Vanessa Carvalho Clinical Researcher Lab. : Joaquim Ferreira Lab

Vanessa Miranda Human Resources Director

Vânia Marques Paula Senior Purchasing Administrative Technician

Vasco Crispim Romão Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : João Eurico Fonseca Lab

Vasco da Conceição PhD Student Lab. : Mamede de Carvalho Lab

Vera Neves Staff Scientist Lab. : Miguel Castanho Lab

Vera Rego Senior Accounting Administrative Technician

Vicente Zagallo Garcia Legal Counsel

Vladimir Ghilas Lab Manager Lab. : Luís Graça Lab

Yulia Carvalho Senior Technician

Yvonne Azasi Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Edgar Gomes Lab

Zita Carvalho-Santos Group Leader