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André Filipe Cisneiros Ferreira Salgado PhD Student

André Gabriel PhD Student

André Luís Bombeiro Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Ribot & Silva-Santos Lab

André Mansinho Clinical Researcher Lab. : Luís Costa Lab

André Ventura Gomes MSc Student Lab. : Maria Carmo-Fonseca Lab

André Vitorino de Sousa Vares MSc Student

Andreia Cordeiro MSc Student Lab. : Luís Costa Lab

Andreia Faria-Pereira Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Vanessa Morais Lab

Andreia Filipa Mósca Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Miguel Prudêncio Lab

Andreia Lopes Lab Technician

Andreia Ribeiro dos Santos PhD Student Lab. : Mamede de Carvalho Lab

Andreia Santos Technician

Andreia Vaz Senior Project Manager

Ângela Afonso Biobank Unit Area Manager

Ângelo Calado Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : João Eurico Fonseca Lab

Ângelo Ferreira Chora Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Maria Mota Lab

Anita Quintal Gomes Senior Postdoctoral Researcher  Lab. : Ribot & Silva-Santos Lab

Anna Braga Clinical Researcher Lab. : Mamede de Carvalho Lab

Anna Le Breton Lab Technician Lab. : Sérgio de Almeida Lab

Anna Reichel Technology Transfer Officer

Anne-Valerie Gendrel Visiting Researcher Lab. : Sérgio de Almeida Lab

António Almendra Accounting Administrative Technician

António Camarão Postdoctoral Researcher Lab. : Miguel Castanho Lab

António Temudo Senior Technician

Anwesha Ghosh PhD Student

Bárbara Gomes Technology Transfer Officer

Bárbara Teixeira PhD Student Lab. : Maria Mota Lab

Bashir Alibhai Senior Technician

Beatriz de Carvalho MSc Student Lab. : Mamede de Carvalho Lab

Beatriz Filipe Lab Technician Lab. : Luís Graça Lab