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A new organizational structure was put in place allowing for a more agile structure and for a clear understanding of the higher purpose, we serve at iMM. As a result, iMM had an active voice in the change of the public procurement code and is recognized for the implementation of good management practices.

The results of a new organization with more collaborative and agile process were very visible not only in iMM internal procedures but also in the relationship of iMM with the main financing bodies and ministerial entities. Due to its own nature, the former called Management Unit is now called Finance and Operations Office and it is now one of the four main pillars of iMM organizational structure (Research Labs, Technical Facilities, Administrative Facilities and Finance and Operations Office).

Safety & Compliance

Safety Office

The iMM Safety Office provides advice to laboratories and facilities on all aspects of health and safety at work. The goal is to minimize the risk of injury or illness to laboratory and facility workers by ensuring that they have the training, information, support and equipment needed to work safely in the laboratory.

All activities shall include safety as a fundamental element and certify readiness through a formal validation and verification review of safety requirements. Included in this process is rigorous evaluation, elimination (when possible), and mitigation of hazards and their associated risks.

Finally, the Safety Office work with the laboratories and facilities in writing safety guidelines and assists them in fulfilling their safety obligations in terms of legislation.

Maintenance and Repairs

In addition to the purchasing of new equipment study and installation, we perform maintenance, repair and validation of laboratory equipment and provide the necessary supervising for external technicians.

Laboratory Design

We develop a project conceptualization and design service, either individually or jointly with the interested laboratory groups, aiming to adapt the project to the existing material, human and financial resources, as well as to the scientific dimension of research.

Washing Room

We provide clean and sterilized common use material (glass and plastic) to the iMM laboratories and facilities and we are responsible for the washing, preparation, sterilization and decontamination of all types of materials and solutions.


The National Programme for Scientific Equipment Renewal (PNRC) was launched by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) with the aim of renewing the national scientific infrastructure, by financing the acquisition, update and expansion of scientific equipment.

The FCT supports the acquisition of new equipment through research projects.

How to use:
External users should fill the Form "Request for Equipment/Room Use by external Units/Entities", and send it by e-mail to

Equipments can be used according to IMM rules and availability, during normal working hours Monday to Friday.

The users will need to have a basic knowledge of the equipment and receive specific training to use it.

We charge according to booked time in each equipment.

Online booking is mandatory for each usage session and cancellations are allowed if they are made prior to reserved time.

Users that do not show up at their booked sessions will be charged in full.

The LMN Price Table for 2017.

List of Equipments

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service directors:
Fausto Lopo de Carvalho

Purchasing and Procurement Area Manager:
Senior Technician:
Ana Cristina Anunciação

Project Manager:
Senior Purchasing Administrative Technician:
Vânia Marques Paula

Senior Project Manager:
Maria José Antunes

Senior Accounting Administrative Technician:
Administrative Technician:
Fernanda Vila-Chã

Legal Counsel:
Pre-Award Area Manager:
Purchasing Administrative Technician:
Lúcia Cristina Alves

Project Management Area Manager:
Grants Officer:
Sílvia Santos Costa

Accounting Area Manager:
Safety and Compliance Area Manager:
Sara Diana Pinheiro dos Santos