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Activities for Postdocs

Agenda 2023:

Informal Social Gathering (a.k.a Beer Hours):
  • January 26 - Vanessa Morais Lab
  • February 23 - Sérgio de Almeida & Edgar Gomes Labs
  • March 30 - Gonçalo Bernardes Lab
  • April 27 - Ana Sebastião Lab
  • May 25 - Luís Costa & Leonor Saúde Labs
  • June 29 - Biobank, Comparative Pathology, Rodents, Flow Cytometry, Bioimaging, Zebrafish & Safety and Compliance
Informal Thematic Sessions:
Will be announced soon. Stay tuned!
iMM Postdoc Day 2023:

October 19, at iMM

iMM Postdoc retreat 2023:

October 20 (location to be announced soon)

With participation of the PDAs and postdocs of iMM, IGC, Champalimaud, ITQB/iBET and NOVA Medical School.


For more detail check out the “Posdoctoral Training” section here.

Organized in collaboration with iMM Training Hub.