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Postdoctoral Training

We aim to attract highly motivated and dedicated Postdoctoral community, and we are committed to supporting their training and advancement towards successful scientific careers.

Approximately 170 scientists currently make up the iMM Postdoctoral community. Postdoctoral Researchers include every PhD holder that is not a Group Leader and is performing research activities (i.e., excluding PhD holders working in services and facilities). Postdoctoral Researchers can actively participate in global iMM activities and benefit from a Training Program structured around specific actions defined by themselves, the iMM Postdoctoral Association (PDA) and the iMM Training Hub team.

Thus, in order to foster the development of iMM Postdoctoral community, the Training Program has the following main goals:

  1. Promote scientific discussions and sharing of experiences by organizing dedicated meetings and retreats;
  2. Develop the repertoire of scientific and "soft" skills through workshops (given by experts) on topics such as grant writing or science communication;
  3. Inform and discuss, in dedicated "career path" seminars, the opportunities in Academia and outside, namely in the Pharma, Clinical Trials or Publishing sectors;
  4. Facilitate and enhance mentorship, in particular via an optional "Second Mentor" with whom to discuss science and career moves;
  5. Promote socialization in regular informal events aimed at building a "sense of community".

Ultimately, the Program aspires to create a branding "signature" of iMM Postdoctoral community that increases their international competitiveness in the present and in the next stages of their professional careers.”


New workshops will be announced soon. Stay tuned!