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Maria de Sousa, a Portuguese immunologist has passed away last night. We would like to extend our deep sympathies and condolences to Maria de Sousa’s family and friends.

Woman, scientist, academic and unique figure in society, Maria de Sousa has had a profound impact on the construction of the Portuguese scientific community over the past 40 years. As an immunologist, she dedicated her life to the study of the migration properties of lymphocytes, having developed her scientific career between Porto, where she was born, with periods abroad in the UK, Scotland and the United States, in New York and Boston. Upon her return to Porto, as Professor at ICBAS (University of Porto), Maria de Sousa was responsible for designing and implementing a Master’s Degree in Immunology, in the early 90s, where she was instrumental for the training and advise of a new generation of scientists who, driven by Mariano Gago’s vision, have pursuit their scientific careers in the four corners of the world. This same generation today has scientists recognized in their fields of the life sciences, many spread over different countries and many also who have returned to Portugal and today have management roles in different national research institutes.

In the words of Maria Manuel Mota, executive director of iMM: “I would not be a scientist if it were not for Maria de Sousa”.

Maria do Carmo Fonseca, president of iMM: “Sharp and sensitive, the more I got to know her, the greater my admiration and respect for her legacy to the country and humanity!”

Her priceless role in Science and Education, leaves us a very important legacy that will continue to inspire generations of scientists.

Thank you for everything, Professor Maria de Sousa.