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One of the most intriguing and fatal characteristic of brain tumors is dissemination. This phenomenon can occur through dissemination of cancer cells from distant organs to the brain (brain metastases) or within the central nervous system (CNS) from primary brain tumors (medulloblastoma and ependymoma). The relevance to study brain metastatic disease relies in the absence of effective therapies, leading to severe disability and poor patient survival.

Therefore, our lab aims at understanding the dynamics of cancer cells and the mechanisms leading to CNS dissemination, the identification of biomarkers for early cancer detection using liquid biopsies and high-throughput genomics, and the development of novel treatment protocols using patient-derived models of brain metastatic disease.

We are a highly multidisciplinary and collaborative group combining the expertise of experimental biologists and clinicians from diverse disciplines in Neuro-Oncology, in the campus and beyond. Our translational projects take advantage of a large Brain Tumor Collection at the Biobanco-iMM CAML harbouring biological samples (tumor tissue, blood, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid) with detailed clinical annotation from pediatric and adult patients. In our lab we use cellular and molecular biology techniques, advanced microscopy, computational biology, and in vivo models of brain tumors. We are particularly interested in developing ex vivo organotypic models and patient-derived xenografts of brain tumors.

Check the page of the Centro de Investigação de Tumores Cerebrais here, for more information and to donate for our research.


Ana Sofia Rodrigues
MSc Student

Eunice Paisana
Clinical Project Manager

Rita Cascão
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Stefani Domentean
PhD Student

Madalena Cristina Pinto
PhD Student


  • Pediatric brain tumors: medulloblastoma and ependymoma
  • Adult brain tumors: brain metastases and glioblastoma
  • Mechanisms of cancer dissemination to the CNS
  • Identification and validation of prognostic biomarkers
  • Early cancer detection using liquid biopsies
  • Preclinical testing of novel therapies using patient-derived models

Ongoing Projects

2023-2026 Developing Tools for Early Detection and Treatment of Brain Metastatic Cancer. Coordinator: Cláudia Faria. Funding Agency: HORIZON-WIDERA 2022.

2022-2025 Exploiting UBE2C as a prognostic marker and therapeutic target in human brain metastases. Coordinator: Cláudia Faria. Funding Agency: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

2022-2024 UBE2C as a prognostic marker and therapeutic target in patients with breast cancer brain metastases. Coordinator: Cláudia Faria. Funding Agency: Gilead Génese Award.

2021-2024 Unraveling the biology of metastatic pediatric brain tumors through genomics. Coordinator: Cláudia Faria. Funding Agency: Fundação Millenium bcp.


2023 Best Poster Award at III ASPIC- ASEICA international meeting (awarded to Carlos Custódia)

2023 Best Oral Presentation at III ASPIC-ASEICA International Meeting (awarded to Eunice Paisana)

2022 Honourable Mention from Prémio BIAL de Medicina Clínica 2022 (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

2022 Lídia Silva Santos Postdoctoral Achievement Award (awarded to Rita Cascão)

2022 Gilead Génese Award 2022 (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

2019 Best poster award at XI Congresso Nacional da Associação Portuguesa de Neuro-Oncologia (awarded to Eunice Paisana)

2018 Best poster award at the EurOPDX Workshop, Switzerland (awarded to Rita Cascão)

2018 Scholarship as Visiting Scientist at the Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

2018 Ambassador of Bairrada Region for Research and Science (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

2017 Codman Award: Best oral presentation at the Congress of the Portuguese Neurosurgical Society (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

2017 Best First Year Oral Presentation at XI CAML PhD Students' Meeting (awarded to Eunice Paisana)

2016 D. Manuel de Mello Award (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

2016 Best poster award at IX Congresso Nacional da Associação Portuguesa de Neuro-Oncologia (awarded to Carlos Custódia)

2015 Fundação Millennium bcp Award (atribuído a Cláudia Faria)

2013 Phil Gold Scientist-in-Training Award (2nd prize for oral presentation) at the Montreal International Symposium on Angiogenesis and Metastasis (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

2012 Honourable Mention – Gallie-Bateman Competition and McMurrich Oral Presentation Competition, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, Canada (awarded to Cláudia Faria)

Selected Publications

Our full list of publications is available here.

Muyas F, Rodriguez MJG, Cascão R, Afonso A, Sauer CM, Faria CC, Cortés-Ciriano I, & Flores I. (2024). The ALT pathway generates telomere fusions that can be detected in the blood of cancer patients. Nature Communications, 15(1), 82.

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Cruz N, Herculano-Carvalho M, Roque D, Faria CC, Cascão R, Ferreira HA, Reis CP, Matela N (2023). Highlighted Advances in Therapies for Difficult-To-Treat Brain Tumours Such as Glioblastoma. Pharmaceutics 15(3):928.

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Noronha C, Ribeiro AS, Taipa R, Leitão D, Schmitt F, Reis J, Faria C.* and Paredes J.* (2022). PD-L1 tumor expression is associated with poor prognosis and systemic immunosuppression in glioblastoma. Journal of Neurooncology 156(3):453-464. *co-senior authors

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group leader : Cláudia C. Faria
  • Head of Translational Laboratory at CARE since 2023
  • Co-Director of Biobanco-iMM CAML since 2018
  • Invited Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Neurology at FMUL since 2014
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon at CHULN-HSM since 2010
  • PhD in Medicine at FMUL and University of Toronto, Canada (2014)
  • Medical Degree at University of Coimbra (2001)