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The idea of ​​a fundraising campaign is to support the development of research projects that attempt to better understand the genetic and molecular features of brain tumors, with the aim of contributing to the refinement of current treatments. The oncology treatments of brain tumors are outlined according to the type of tumor of each patient. However, tumors appeared similar (same type) may have different genetic and molecular characteristics, resulting in different patients response to treatment. Is this necessary biomedical research - that better characterize the tumor - which Adelaide Passos aims to support.

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O céu pode esperar

Raising funds for research in brain tumors.

Adelaide Passos, grandmother of a boy who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, decided to start a campaign to raise funds for research in brain tumors, more specifically for the creation of a research center of this disease at Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes.

From her own contribution with the copyrights of the book "O céu pode esperar" - where she reveals her experience with the illness of one of his grandsons - Adelaide Passos will take the lead and show to other parents, grandparents and patient's relatives that they can make a difference to the fight against tumors by contributing with funds for biomedical research.

Kaya Africa

Kaya Africa, a precious documentary report based on the vivid and detailed memories of the author who was born and lived in Mozambique . Part of the copyrights of this edition will support the research project “Identificação de Marcadores Genéticos nos Tumores Cerebrais Pediátricos" at Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes (iMM). Donations for this project will be very important both for performing genetic studies in tumor specimens of patients , as well as for performing laboratory tests to identify new and more effective drugs with less toxicity.


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