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COSME – LEAP-BIO - IP Licensing intermediary services for EArly stage assets in Pharma & BIOtech  

The main goal of the project is to leverage the extensive expertise and networks of the consortium to develop an early-stage focused IP licensing intermediary service for biopharma SMEs and startup companies in the target regions - mainly Portugal, France, and Italy but also Spain and the Wallonian region in Belgium.

LEAP-BIO aims at bridging the gap between southern and central and northern European regions in licensing and partnering associated with early-stage assets, driving the growth of the small and medium biopharma companies in such regions and contributing to a more competitive European biopharma industry at a global level.

The specific objectives of Leap-Bio are the followings:

  • Establish strategies and tools to facilitate the licensing of early-stage assets in the biopharma industry
  • Identify and characterise licensing interests from the top 50 global pharma companies, and well-financed, public listed European biotech companies
  • Identify early-stage assets matching the licensing interests of leading biopharma players
  • Improve the matchmaking process with the combination of digital tools and face-to-face partnering events
  • Support the negotiation of licence agreements of early-stage IP assets
  • Establish a sustainable IP licensing intermediary service of early-stage assets
  • Promote the use of IP Licensing intermediary services - in particular via digital tools - and disseminate best practices to target audiences: Mapping and analysis of existing tools, lessons learned, and good practices

In this project, iMM is in charge of the identification of the in-licensing interests of major players within the pharma and biotech sectors (WP3), the identification of early-stage assets from start-ups and SMEs based in key European regions matching those interests (WP4), and the selection of IT/AI-powered tools and solutions to be used in LEAP-BIO’s intermediary licensing services (WP2).


18 months (01/09/2022 – 28/02/2024)



Partners :

  • Eurasanté (France)
  • Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes (Portugal)
  • Italbiotec (Italy)


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