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Discover the LEAP-BIO digital platform to improve IP licensing matching between early-stage assets in Pharma & Biotech

The LEAP-BIO project recently launched its digital platform which aims at developing an IP licensing intermediary service for early-stage assets in Pharma & Biotech. On the 12th of December, the LEAP-BIO team also took part in BioFIT 2023, the leading European partnering event, and organised dedicated pitch sessions and conference.

Developed by INOVA with the LEAP-BIO consortium, the platform combines AI-powered digital tool and face-to-face partnering events on BioFIT. This enables to promote licensing opportunities of early stage-assets from biopharma SMEs, start-up companies and TTOs towards Pharma & well-funded Biotechs, favorizing matchmaking processes.

After a mapping and analysis of available IT/AI/blockchain licensing tools and an identification of the licensing interests in big pharma and well-funded biotech companies as well as an identification of early-stage assets for licensing in biopharma start-ups and SMEs, the LEAP-BIO team was able to develop this digital platform combined with the BioFIT partnering event to improve IP licensing matching.

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About the LEAP-BIO project:
The biopharmaceutical industry, marked by intensive research and complex regulatory processes, poses challenges for new entrants. Small and startup biopharma companies often lack resources for later-stage development, leading to reliance on licensing agreements with larger firms. Notably, the industry experiences a surge in open innovation, with big pharma engaging in early-stage drug development. Despite global licensing deal growth, southern European biopharma firms lag behind in both overall and early-stage deals.
LEAP-bio was created in response to this problem, with the following main objective to leverage the extensive expertise and networks of the consortium to develop an early-stage focused IP licensing intermediary service for biopharma SMEs and startup companies in targeted south regions – mainly Portugal, France, and Italy but also Spain and the Wallonian region in Belgium.
The consortium is composed of 3 partners: Eurasanté a French competitiveness cluster specialized in health, iMM a technology transfer office of Lisbon University in Portugal and Italbiotec a non-profit Italian organization in the biotechnology sector.

A look back at BioFIT 2023:
LEAP-BIO event was hosted at Eurasante’s held BioFIT, which took place in Marseille (France) on December 12th and 13th 2023. BioFIT, which gathered over than 900 participants, is Europe’s leading business convention for technology transfer, academia-industry collaborations, early-stage innovations and seed capital investment in the field of life sciences with more than 1000 international players in human and animal health from over 35 countries.
LEAP-BIO’s attendance at BioFIT holds a key role in the project’s achievements. Indeed, BioFIT allows the project partners to meet multiple key actors in the BioTech sector while presenting the project to a European and international crowd.
Dr. Caroline Coisne, technology transfer officer at Eurasanté and partner in the LEAP-BIO project, talked about « LEAP-BIO AI-powered Digital Platform : novel IP Licensing intermediary services for early-stage assets in pharma and biotechs” at the plenary conference aiming at presenting the digital platform on December 12th, 2023. It has been followed by 3 sessions of Collaborative and Licensing Opportunity Presentations, in which early-stage assets were presented toward potential collaborators, investors or big pharma. The jury of these CLOP session has awarded Dr. Marco Catucci from the Business Development Division from the San Rafaele University and research Hospital in Milan (IT) for his presentation about CAR-T Cell Therapy to treat solid cancer tumors.