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The US patent (US 11,273,152 B2) with the title “TRPV2 ANTAGONISTS” was granted on March 15th.

The patent family to which US 11,273,152 belongs (first grant of this patent family), is licensed to TargTex – a spin-off of Professor Gonçalo Bernardes’ Research group at iMM. The granted patent relates to a method of treating cancer (in particular, Glioblastoma), through the administration of compounds comprising piperlongumine – an antagonist of TRPV2 receptors in cancer cells. This technology is the centerpiece of TargTex’s activity, which is dedicated to the development of a new local therapy for the treatment of Glioblastoma. Thus, the grant of this patent represents an important step towards entering with greater confidence into one of the largest biopharmaceutical markets, such as the US.

You can consult the text of the patent here.