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TargTex SA was founded in 2019. Its foundation is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, created by one of the founding members in Gonçalo Bernardes lab, that can decipher relationships between biological targets and molecules of interest. Hence, it was possible to identify an unexplored target for a daunting pathology – Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). TargTex is developing a concerted approach, aligning scientists, physicians and patients to advance an innovative therapy. Considering GBM’s particularities, a hydrogel to be used as adjunct-to-surgery in a single dose therapy is being developed.

On a long-term perspective, TargTex will develop clinical candidates for different therapeutic indications, grounded on an ever-evolving machine learning algorithm to decipher biological targets for molecules of interest.

CEO: João Seixas

COO: Pedro Cal

Scientific Director: Gonçalo Bernardes

Medical Director: Cláudia Faria