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Industry & Investors

iMM recognizes the enormous importance of partnering with industry and is eager to work with companies and investors to meet their unique needs and pursue mutually-beneficial goals. iMM is committed to working fairly and flexibly with companies and investors who want to partner with us in the continuing work of discovering and developing the next generation solutions in health care.

Key Principles and Pratices

Use of Results. iMM typically owns the data and results that are generated by research projects, except in the case of contract research services. A company might want to own the results for its own commercial advantage. They may receive rights to use the results for their own purposes.

Intellectual Property Rights. We understand that you need the right to utilize intellectual property developed in iMM’s labs. We want to make sure we meet your needs, and have the flexibility to structure contracts appropriately. From iMM’s perspective, because we provide unique capabilities for these projects, we want to make sure that we share in your commercial success in an appropriate way. For most of our industry partnerships, we grant an option to license any intellectual property that results from the research. For others, a commercial license is granted to the industry partner in exchange for future milestone payments or royalties. In some cases, a partner may pay up‐front to secure a license. In every case, we are able to find a solution that works for both parties.

Confidentiality and Publication. iMM is committed to generate and disseminate knowledge and to training the next generation of experts, and as part of this commitment, our researchers present and publish papers and dissertations. We also understand that our industry partners may need to share confidential information with us. Therefore, we allow industry partners to review proposed publications to make sure that confidential information is not inadvertently disclosed, and also to identify intellectual property that may require protection prior to publication. This pre‐publication review process has worked very well for many years at iMM and other industry‐friendly research organizations. iMM also has the capability to conduct restricted industry research.