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The zebrafish model (Danio rerio) is used for the study of human genetic diseases such as, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, neurological diseases, inflammation, angiogenesis, muscle-associated diseases and osteoporosis. Unlike humans, the zebrafish is one of the few vertebrate species that can fully restore the shape, structure and function of body parts lost after severe injury or amputation.

Therefore, it has become a powerful model for regenerative medicine.

The zebrafish is a representative of the vertebrate species, its genome is sequenced, a large number of synchronously developing embryos can be produced and the optical clarity of embryos and larvae allow real-time imaging. In addition, zebrafish embryos are permeable to drugs and can be easily manipulated using well-established genetic and molecular approaches.

iMM has decided to foster this powerful model system to complement research on vertebrate development, physiology and disease mechanisms relevant to human diseases.



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