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RoPlaVac is a spin-off company of iMM , created in 2014. The mission of RoPlaVac is to develop medical solutions against malaria, one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide. Malaria is caused by Plasmodium parasites, injected into their mammalian host as sporozoites, through the bite of an infected mosquito. Currently, RoPlaVac is engaged in three main endeavors:

Vaccination: Development of a new whole-organism vaccine against malaria, based on the use of genetically modified rodent Plasmodium parasites.

Plasmodium sporozoite cryopreservation: Development of an effective method to cryopreserve Plasmodium sporozoites for use in research and vaccination.

In vitro Plasmodium sporozoite production: Development of a cell culture-based method to produce infective Plasmodium sporozoites for use in research and vaccination.

RoPlaVac is owned and managed by:

Miguel Prudêncio, PhD

António M. Mendes, PhD

Maria M. Mota, PhD