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Open Call for 3 Group Leaders | Principal Investigator Level

Evaluation Criteria

The admitted applications will be evaluated taking into account the quality, timeliness and relevance of the curricular and scientific path (scientific production and research experience) of each candidate and the adequacy of the proposed Research Plan to the areas of interest of the call.

a) Curriculum Analysis (50%) - The Curriculum will be analyzed in accordance with the quality of the professional path, namely the excellence of the published work with special emphasis on areas related to the work plan (30%); research experience valuing professional experience abroad, including lab coordination which includes supervision of students and postdocs and ability to attract relevant and competitive funding (20%).

b) Research Plan Analysis (40%) - The relevance for the areas of interest of the call will be analyzed.

c) Motivation Letter (10%) - Motivation, interest and suitability of the activities purposed will be analyzed.

If candidates have the same score, the chairman will be responsible for the final decision of the jury.
  • After evaluation of all admitted applications, the jury will write a meeting minute with all the process of recruitment, evaluation and selection including an ordered short list of approved candidates (alphabetic order) and their respective score.
  • The final result of the jury shall be validated by the Head of the Institution, who will confirm the final decision.
For more information about the call, click here.