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A Project that brings together the entrepreneurial, scientific and academic communities.

  • Tests carried out by the Instituto de Medicina Molecular on the MOxAd-Tech face mask attest to its capacity to inactivate the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.
  • This joint project has led to the development of an innovative textile face mask, designed and made in Portugal, and which has been on sale since April at MO stores and available throughout the European Union.

The MOxAdTech face mask has successfully passed all the tests carried out at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes (iMM; Lisbon, Portugal), which makes it the first mask capable of inactivating the virus that causes COVID-19. The industrial, academic and scientific communities have joined forces to work on this innovative project aimed at developing a high-performance reusable face mask made entirely in Portugal. This mask had already been certified as having antimicrobial protection and is now also capable of inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19.

The MOxAd-Tech face mask, which is a result of the joint work between the manufacturer Adalberto, MO (Sonae Fashion retailer), the technological centre CITEVE, iMM, and the University of Minho, is therefore the first reusable mask to inactivate the new coronavirus, that causes COVID-19. Considering the current pandemic, the aim of this project from the very start has been to increase personal protection, making technical apparel accessible to as many people as possible. Developed in techno fabric with several different layers, these masks are water repellent, comfortable, and easy to wear. Another major advantage of this innovative product is that it is reusable, which means that it protects not only people but the environment too as less waste is produced and further sources of contamination are prevented.

Tests carried out by the iMM assess how effective the MOxAd-Tech masks are in inactivating the new coronavirus. The face masks feature an innovative coating that neutralises the SARS-CoV-2 virus when it comes in contact with the fabric. This protective coating remains effective even after 50 washes. As a result, due to the viral inactivation capacity, these masks offer a high level of additional protection.

Pedro Simas, virologist at iMM, was responsible for coordinating the tests that qualified the fabric as having anti-viral properties. He explained that ‘put simply, these tests analyse the fabric after it has been in contact with a solution containing a certain amount of virus and its viability throughout time. Testing on MOxAdtech face masks showed that the SARS-CoV-2 is effectively inactivated even after 50 washes, with a 99% viral reduction one hour after contact with the virus, according to the parameters for testing laid down in international standard ISO18184:2019.”

Francisco Pimentel, MO manager; stresses: “This project is an excellent example of cooperation between Portuguese institutions with the aim of creating an innovative product and make it available to families within a short timespan. The tests carried out by the iMM have validated our confidence that the MOxAdTech is the best social protection mask, reinforcing all the certifications already obtained. We are aware of the importance of this project for the community and are proud that, together with our partners, we are accomplishing Sonae’s mission to take the benefits of progress and innovation to an increasing number of people.”

Susana Serrano, CEO of Adalberto, adds: “The MOxAd-Tech mask is innovative worldwide as it features different protection layers and a water-repellent treatment that neutralises any bacteria and viruses that come in contact with the mask. This was possible thanks to the cooperation between several different organizations that placed their knowledge and skills to the service of the community to help protect families.”

The MOxAd-Tech masks also feature antimicrobial characteristics with proven effectiveness against viruses and bacteria, with accredited technology at international level. The active ingredient had already been successfully tested by the Institut Pasteur de Lille, in France, namely against the H1N1 virus and the Corona-type virus, and against the rotavirus.

The mask complies with all the requirements laid down in the new standardised European regulation, in compliance with the CWA_17553_2020 publication.

This product is also OEKO-Tex certified, confirming that no harmful chemical products have been using during the production process, which means it is harmless to the environment.

This innovative product has been available in MO stores and online at since April, for only 10 euros. This project is open to the community and is available to be distributed by other brands and retailers in Portugal and abroad.

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