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Recruitment form

Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes (iMM) opens a call for the hiring of a Postdoctoral Researcher correspondent to the initial level according to the Applicable Regulation, under an Unfixed-term contract, with the funding support from National Funds (FCT – OE), under the project “Deciphering the role of IL-17 on peripheral nerve regeneration (2022.01244.PTDC)”.

Regulation Decree-Law nr 57/2016, from 29th August, altered by Law nr 57/2017, from 19th July, that approves a Doctoral Hiring
regime to stimulate Scientific and Technological Employment in all knowledge areas (RJEC).
 Portuguese Labor Law, approved by Law nr 7/2009, from 12th February in its current writing.
 Regulatory Decree Nr 11-A / 2017, of 29th December.
 Decree-Law nr 84-F/2022, from 16th December.

1. Work Plan Activities:
• Analyse the immune cell landscape infiltrating the injured sciatic nerve
• Evaluate mouse motor functions in a specific gait behaviour platform
• Characterize the molecular mechanisms of nerve repair that are regulated by IL-17.

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The personal information collected during the recruitment process will be eliminated as soon as it becomes clear that a job offer will not take place or that the candidate does not accept that said offer. However, upon consent, iMM João Lobo Antunes can keep your CV in record up to 2 years, to be considered in future recruitment processes to which the profile is suitable. iMM João Lobo Antunes assures that your personal information will not be transmitted to third parties without your previous consent, nor used for purposes different to those that justified the initial processing developing all the adequate and necessary procedures to abide by the loyalty, transparency, minimization, integrity and confidentiality principles and assures the personal information owner, the full exercise of their rights, namely information, personal information access, as well as ways of rectification, verification, access limitation and/ or partial or total elimination are at your disposal. These rights can be exercised by sending an email to: