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The Mission Lab is a dedicated scientific support team, in conjunction with a specific structure facilitating design, testing, scale-up and deployment capacities from core biomedical research at IMM. This structure was initially set up during the COVID-19 pandemic as the Molecular Diagnostics Centre, with a professional, agile clinical testing operation allowing iMM to take a leading role in testing deployment at the national level.

The Mission Lab was then reshaped to support new Research & Innovation in the implementation phase, helping to deliver new preventive, diagnostic and personalized medicine solutions.


Patricia Napoleão
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Sandra Protásio
Lab Technician

Yulia Carvalho
Senior Technician

Former Members

  • Margarida Xavier Fonseca e Costa | Junior Technician
  • Yash Girish Pandya | Data Analysis Manager
group leader :