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SAFE-N-MEDTECH | Safety Testing in the Life Cycle of Nanotechnology-enabled Medical Technologies for Health

Society and clinical practice pose a growing demand on novel biomaterials, ICT, micro and nanotechnologies for innovative medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics (Medical Technologies - MTs). In addition to the challenge of time, the new technologies are subjected to other pressing factors such as qualification, regulation, cost, biocompatibility and the need to be applicable worldwide. In the most recent years, it is obvious that nano-enabled MTs can be applied in nearly every medical area, with a major presence and increased importance in cancer, regenerative medicine, advanced therapies, neurology, cardiology, orthopaedics, and dentistry.

SAFE-N-MEDTECH will build an innovative open-access platform to offer to companies and reference laboratories, the capabilities, know-how, networks and services required for the development, testing, assessment, upscaling and market exploitation of nanotechnology-based medical and diagnostic devices.

SAFE-N-MEDTECH will offer a multidisciplinary and market-oriented innovation approach to SME´s, Healthcare providers and Industries for the translation to the market of MTs, based on a deep understanding and knowledge of nanomaterial properties, their advance use and applications in MTs and other aspects involved in MTs safety (electric compatibility, electromagnetic properties, etc).

Check SAFE-N-MEDTECH website here.

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Safety Testing in the Life Cycle of Nanotechnology-enabled Medical Technologies for Health

Start Date: 1 April 2019

End Date: 31 March 2023

Funding Agency: European Commission - Horizon 2020

Funding Programme: NMBP-02-2018: Open Innovation Test Beds for Safety Testing of Medical Technologies for Health (IA)

Type: H2020 | IA Innovation Action

Grant agreement ID: 814607

IMM Role and Coordinator: Participant (Pedro Silva)



Tecnologia Navarra de Nanoproductos (TECNAN) SL


Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes, Portugal

Vito, Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Belgium

University of Pavia, Italy

CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland

RCI, Resonant Circuits Limited, UK

SINTEF, AS, Norway

Laboratório Ibérico Internacional de Nanotecnologia, Portugal

Greendecision Srl, Italy

EuroScan International Network e.V, Germany

University of Liverpool, UK

CEBR, Council of European BioRegions, Belgium

Osteba, Basque Office for HTA & Ministry for Health Basque Country, Spain

MARACA International bvba, Belgium

Stryker Trauma GmbH, Germany

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Hubei Gedian Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China

China Pharmaceutical University, China

National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China

BioKeralty Research Institute AIE, Spain

CIBER, Consorcia Centro de Investigacion –biomedica En Red MP, Spain

VHIR, Fundacio Hospital Universitari Vall D’Hebron – Institut de Recerca, Spain

STAMI, National Institute of Occupational Health, Norway

Keralty SAS, Colombia

Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TECNALIA), Spain

Biopraxis Research AIE, Spain

Budget Total: € 18.344.674,10

iMM Budget: € € 714.815,00