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A new robot with the ability to disinfect spaces and surfaces was created to fight COVID-19. Designed for an entirely Portuguese consortium – iMM, CeNTI, Castos S.A. e Matglow – UVtizer was developed to neutralize viruses and bacteria that are highly infectious.

The mobile device could be use in different spaces, including hospitals, public transports, schools and pre-schools, and hotels. UVtizer uses UV-C radiation, which has already been proven to be efficacious against viruses of the coronavirus family. The incorporation of sensors, robotics, mechanics, ventilation and materials functionalization systems assures the fast and correct sterilization of surfaces, spaces, materials and air.

During the production of the robot, CeNTI was responsible for the design of the device, working also with the hardware and firmware of the automation system and control of the device. The companies Castros and Matglow developed the functional and engineer features of the device, as well as the disinfection system and air treatment and the study of the setups definition and performance of the system. iMM was responsible for the antiviral efficacy tests against SARS-CoV-2.

The robot is currently in a final phase of prototyping, and it is estimated that it will be ready for use in the final trimester of this year.

The project is supported by Portugal 2020, in the context of Compete and Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional.

UVtizer Flyer here.