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Researchers & Inventors

Our researchers are the key asset to drive innovation at iMM. Our dedicated team helps them to understand the commercial potential of their ideas and results, make connections with industry, and expand the impact of the research by promoting the transition of their discoveries and inventions from the lab into real-life benefits.

Report your ideas & inventions

Our team proactively meets researchers on a regular basis and attend relevant internal seminars and talks in order to be updated with the work and activities ongoing at iMM. In addition, discoveries, inventions, research tools and biological materials arising from individual or collaborative research must be formally and promptly disclosed by submitting a confidential Disclosure Form to the Technology Transfer Office.

Download the Disclosure Form here.

More info:
Learn more about Invention Disclosures through our IDF Guide.

iMM Policies & Guidelines

We have established a set of documents that clarify the background, set the rules, and facilitate technology transfer at iMM. Learn more about the policies and guidelines that related with intellectual property and technology transfer in this section.

Documents: IP Policy, Inventor’s Guide to Technology Transfer, Conflict of Interest Policy, Start-up Guide, Guidelines for Consulting Activity.