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FCT ID 203

Incubater Shaker The incubator shaker AGITORB 200IC can be used for growth of any kind of cell including bacterial, tissue, and yeast cultures. It produces a uniform orbital shaking continues for prolonged periods.The stirring speed is continuouslyindicated by a digital tachymeter. Temperature Range: 5ºC above ambient to 70ºC Heating Power: 300 W Speed: 25 mm diameter orbital Agitation Speed: 30 to 500 rpm Erlenmeyer Flasks Capacity: 50 of 25 ml; 4 of 2L
info :
Brand : Aralab Supplier : Concessus Model : Agitorb 200IC Inventory Number : FIM000696 S/N : 1091; 1092 Room : IMM P3A27, P3A2