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FCT ID 150


  BD FACSAria incorporates a flow cell with fixed alignment, allowing high levels of sensitivity to the fluorescence and facilitating maintenance and alignment. Allows high-velocity separation of particles and cells, maintaining cell viability, cell separation under conditions of safety for the user, allowing for processing samples of infected human cells. The safety of the user is at a maximum thanks to the flow chamber and the collection of the sample are completely closed, the integrated management of aerosols. The maximum configuration provides up to 15 parameters for analysis (13 fluorescence and two parameters of morphology). It can separate until four cellular populations simultaneously. Lasers fully pre-aligned 488nm (blue), 633nm (Red) and 407nm (Green), cooled by air, the excitation light directed by fiber optics to the prisms of focus and detection chamber. The fluorescence signal is collected by photo-multiplier tube of high performance (Hammamatsu), within a spectral range between 200nm 800nm.
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Brand : BD Biosciences Supplier : Enzifarma Model : FacsAria Inventory Number : FIM000368 S/N : P22300027 Room : IMM P2A49