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Docker and Lobo

Docker is a platform created to facilitate the use of applications through so-called containers. Docker images are read-only templates that carry the instructions to build a Docker container. Containers are packaged applications that carry the necessary dependencies to allow running the program in every computer environment.

Lobo is the supercomputer at iMM - a cluster of 15 computer nodes, able to run 40 processes per node simultaneously.

Why learn about Docker and how to use it?

Lobo makes extensive use of Docker images!

Each user can run their Docker-based pipelines without configuring anything in Lobo. For instance, you can use your own software versions and dependencies, allowing you to run different versions of the same program side-by-side.

So if you need to run a lot of programs at the same time or you need to run highly-parallelizable programs, Lobo is the supercomputer for you!

YouTube training resources

Disclosure note: All the available training resources are created (or selected and approved) by the Bioinformatics Matters' team, holding a wide range of expertise in different areas (e.g. software development, bioinformatics pipeline creation and application, and data science), having received feedback from test users in the life sciences domain (e.g. molecular biology, neurosciences, and health sciences).

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