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Marta Bica
CAML PhD Student (FMUL), MSc. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (FCUL/UL), and BSc. in Health Sciences (UL)
NMorais Lab - FCT Fellowship (former GenomePT Fellow)

Rita Silva
LisbonBioMed PhD Student (FMUL), MSc. in Biomedical Engineering (IST/UL), and BSc. in Engineering Sciences - Biomedical Engineering (IST/UL)
NMorais Lab (former GenomePT Fellow)

Bárbara Teixeira
LisbonBioMed PhD Student (FMUL), MSc. in Cellular and Molecular Biology (UC), and BSc. in Biochemistry (UTAD)
MMota & MPrudêncio Lab

Alexandre Kaizeler
LisbonBioMed PhD Student (FMUL), MSc. in Oncobiology (FMUL), and BSc. in Biomedical Sciences (UAlg)
NMorais Lab

Nuno Morais
Group leader at iMM Disease Transcriptomics Lab
Head of iMM GenomePT node


Nuno Agostinho
NMorais Lab (CBBS organization)
Inês Mendes
MRamirez Lab (CBBS organization)
Rita Belo
NMorais Lab (former GenomePT Fellow)
Arthur Scheider
NMorais Lab (former GenomePT Fellow)
Sara Rodrigues Mendes
NMorais Lab (former GenomePT Fellow)
Joel Indi
NMorais Lab (former GenomePT Fellow)
Susana Paço
AESousa Lab (former GenomePT Fellow)
Ian Teixeira
SAlmeida Lab

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