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We are a Research Community

We are a community of iMMers aiming to include all bioinformaticians, computational biologists, software developers, data scientists, statisticians,wet-lab biologists dealing with “omics” data and all the others researchers working in or just enthusiasts or curious about Bioinformatics-related topics. We believe that bringing you together with colleagues with common interests can make your work much more fun!

We believe that networking is essential for conducting science at the highest level!

We can act as a collective mind, thinking about what we can do to improve our daily working life. This can include more training (workshops, tutorials, and documentation), more opportunities for receiving feedback from peers, and even social events. You name it.

We are NOT an iMM Facility/Unit

We do not provide bioinformatics services or consultancy. Know more at our FAQs section.

However, if you are struggling with something, you may start by looking at our training section. We design how-to videos and tutorials to help you to overcome technical issues.

Do you want to become part of this community or Do you have any idea to share?

If you want to be part of Bioinformatics Matters, you are more than welcome! This community is open to every iMMer who wants to be active in the local Bioinformatics community. Please bring cool ideas and tons of energy to work with us!

Also, if you just want to share your ideas/thoughts/concerns, let us known. We will be happy to help.:-)

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