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Q: Are you a Bioinformatics Facility/Unit at iMM?
No. We are a Research Community at iMM. See more about what we do here.

Q: Can you analyse my data?
No. We can help to guide you in finding the right resources to analyse your data. Check if our learning section can help you.

Q: I would like to become a member of this community. How can I join Bioinformatics Matters?
You can join this community as a member and/or an active volunteer. Please send us an email with your intentions to More info here.

Q: What do I need to do if I join Bioinformatics Matters?
It is totally up to you. You can be more than a Member and be an Active Volunteer. You will be listed as such at our team section.

  • Member: By being a member we can assume that you are working or you are interested in Bioinformatics and/or related fields. You can to directly benefit from our activities, and we may ask your opinions regarding our plans (e.g. themes for new tutorials). You will be part of our mailing list, so that we can send you Bioinformatics Matters' latest news.
  • Active Volunteer: If you want to become an active member of this community. You will work together with us to bring Bioinformatics for the entire iMM community, e.g. on organizing networking activities and developing specialized training resources.

Q: To share some ideas/thoughts/concerns, do I need to be a volunteer for Bioinformatics Matters?
No. You can share whatever you see fit by sending us an email to More info here.
You will be nonetheless more than welcome to join us later.

Q: I am not a bioinformatician/dry-lab researcher. Can I still join Bioinformatics Matters?
Yes, not only you can but you should! This community is open to all iMMers, including researchers coming from the wet-lab site, who are willing to learn more about Bioinformatics.

Q: How do you select CBBS speakers? Can I present my work there?
The external speakers and the hosts of the Scripting Case Studies are selected by the CBBS committee, but suggestions are very much appreciated! For the internal sessions, after identifying all researchers working in Bioinformatics and/or related fields at iMM, we define a CBBS scheduled to give them equal opportunity to present their work. You can contact us to be included in the CBBS speakers list or with speaker/topic suggestions by sending us an email to

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