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The Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Seminars, aka CBBS, started in 2012 as an initial effort to bring together iMM researchers using computational methods and resources in different areas of biomedical research.

The CBBS are open to everyone, including scientists without a computational background that would like to learn more about this area. Each seminar will be associated with an accessibility score, that will be timely disclosed for each seminar:
★✰✰ - Aimed to everyone, with or without computational biology background
★★✰ - Some basic computational biology background helps to understand the topic
★★★ - Focusing on more complex computational biology issues

This initiative gives iMMers the opportunity to share their computational work with peers. If you want to learn more about computational biology, understand what kind of work is being done at IMM, and clarify your doubts, this is the right place!

Usually, these seminars happen once every two weeks and they are open to the entire iMM community.

From our side, we promise a year full of science with different types of seminars/meetings to keep a dynamic flow and spotted with networking activities.

Past Events

GenomePT 2nd Symposium - 7th July 2021
We presented a poster at this online event.

1st Edition iMM CBB Day 2020
We present the iMM Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Day, aka iMM CBB Day!
The main goal of this day (21st October 2020) was to showcase the work developed by iMMers in Bioinformatics-related fields. This event was free, online, open to all, and not exclusively addressed to bioinformaticians.

Other events

We will soon announce our exciting plans here. Stay tuned!

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