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Welcome to the Bioinformatics Matters community at iMM!

We are a Research Community born due to the need of gathering all iMMers with an interest in Bioinformatics. Attention, all bioinformaticians, computational biologists, software developers, data scientists, statisticians, wet-lab biologists dealing with “omics” data, and all the other researchers working in or just enthusiasts or curious about Bioinformatics-related topics – this community is all that you were looking for! 8-)

Our work aims to consolidate the fundamental FAIR principles, contributing towards the unity of wet- and dry-lab researchers, by making bioinformatics knowledge available to the entire scientific community.

We focus on areas that are vital for this concept:

  • develop a virtual infrastructure to support the active sharing of bioinformatic tools within iMM and between iMM and the broad scientific community;
  • provide high-quality tutorials and training videos, as well as best practice guidelines, on software development and sharing;
  • connect researchers between wet-lab and dry-lab realities, by offering a range of opportunities for networking around common interests.

We will try to simplify your daily-life, [hopefully!] to increase your productivity, and to put your work on a spotlight for you! We can all share the same joys (and pains)…

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