NMorais Lab

Nuno L. Barbosa Morais, PhD

Group Leader

EMBO Installation Grantee / FCT CEEC

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Marta Bica, MSc

PhD Student

CAML PhD Program / FCT Fellow

with Karine Serre

myeloid cells;
scRNA-seq analyses

Bioinformatics Matters


Rita Silva, MSc

PhD Student

LisbonBioMed PhD Program

cellular senescence;
CDK2A regulation and
its role in disease

Bioinformatics Matters


Alexandre Kaizeler, MSc

PhD Student

LisbonBioMed PhD Program

cancer cell biology;
stress granules;
cell competion

Bioinformatics Matters


Francisca Xara-Brasil, MSc

PhD Student

LisbonBioMed PhD Program


Maria Guerra, BSc

MSc Student

IST Regenerative and Precision Medicine

Jacek Marzec, PhD

Guest Postdoc

Computational Biologist at Co-Lab AccelBio

integrative omics;
cancer genomics;
precision medicine


Catarina Gonçalves

Integrative Project Trainee

IST Biomedical Engineering

Diogo Velez

Integrative Project Trainee

IST Biological Engineering


Mariana Ferreira, MSc

PhD student


differential splicing
intron retention;
cellular senescence




Lina Gallego (postdoc 2015-2018); currently: Translational Research Project Manager at LS4Future

Joana Xavier (external postdoc 2015-2018); currently: Researcher at U.Algarve

Teresa Maia (FCUL MSc in Bioinformatics student / postdoc 2015-2017); currently: VIB Proteomics Core

Ana Rita Grosso (Principal Investigator 2015); currently: Group Leader and Assistant Professor at FCT-NOVA

PhD students:

Joel Indi (PGCD PhD student 2021-2023)

Nuno Agostinho (PhD student 2017-2023); currently: Scientific Programmer at EMBL-EBI

Marie Bordone (LisbonBioMed PhD student 2015-2021); currently: Scientific Advisor at Roche

Marta Amorim (LisbonBioMed PhD student with Sérgio Dias and Pedro Castelo Branco 2014-2016); currently: Medical Genetics Assistant Medical Director at SESARAM and Lusiadas Saude

Visiting fellows:

Claudia Cifuentes (EFIS visiting fellow 2022, Alarcón Lab)

Javier Tapial (visiting fellow 2018, Irimia Lab); currently: secondary school teacher in Toledo, Spain

Juan Carlos Gómez Verjan (visiting fellow 2016, UNAM Mexico); currently: Group Leader at INGER Mexico

MSc students:

Miguel Casanova (FCUL MBBC 2020-2023); currently: Consultant and Senior Scientist in Bioinformatics at FIRALIS S.A.

José Ferrão (FCUL MBBC 2020-2022); currently: Computational Biologist and Lab Geneticist at INSA

Arthur Schneider (IST MSc in Biotechnology / GenomePT Fellow 2018-2020); currently: Consultant at Sia Partners

Sara Rodrigues Mendes (FFUL MSc in Biopharmaceutical Sciences / GenomePT Fellow 2018-2020); currently: Launch Project Specialist at Novartis

Nora Fresmann (Erasmus+ from Humboldt-Universität with Bettencourt-Dias Lab 2018); currently: PhD student at Junker Lab, MDC Berlin

Bernardo de Almeida (UAlg MSc in Oncobiology 2016-2018); currently: AI Research Scientist at InstaDeep

Ana Carolina Leote (IST MSc in Biological Engineering 2016-2017); currently: Postdoctoral Fellow at Genentech (Marioni group)

Bárbara Caravela (IST MSc in Biomedical Engineering with Susana Vinga and Alexandra Carvalho 2015); currently: Operations Lead at Biorelate Ltd

Pedro Faria (IST MSc in Biomedical Engineering with Susana Vinga and Alexandra Carvalho 2014); currently: Automation Technical Team Leader at Banque Internationale a Luxembourg


Márcia Saldanha (Rotation 2024, MSc Student (iMM/FMUL MBR))

Inês Pacheco (Volunteer training intern 2024 (NOVA MCBBi))

Gonçalo Jubilado (Rotation 2023, MSc Student (iMM/FMUL MBR))

Mafalda Sá Pereira (Rotation 2022, MSc Student (iMM/FMUL MBR))

Rita Belo (GenomePT Fellow 2020-2021); currently: Data Engineer at Clarity AI

Ana Sofia Borges (volunteer 2019); currently: PhD student at Kiel University

Luís Bento (CoLabs Trainee 2017); currently: Lead Engineer at NTT DATA

Francisco Baptista (ANEM CECEF Trainee 2017); currently: Orthopedics and Traumatology Residency at Hospital de Cascais

Tiago Ligeiro (IST Summer Intern 2017); currently: Senior Consultant at NTT DATA

Renata Quintino (CoLabs Trainee 2017); currently: UX/UI Designer

Luísa Leitão (CoLabs Trainee 2016); currently: Associate IS Engineer at Amgen