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The UCF at iMM is equipped with several instruments. The choice of the proper equipment should depend on:

  • the aims/applications of your project;
  • the combination of fluorochromes in your samples;
  • the optical configuration required to detect your fluorochrome panel;
  • the availability of the equipment.

The following table summarizes the excitation optics of all our flow cytometers. To find out more about each instrument's optical configuration, see the fluorochromes compatible with the cytometers and the individual descriptions bellow.


Where are the flow cytometers?

How are the flow cytometers? (Quality Control)

Which fluorochromes are compatible with the cytometers?

Cell Sorters

Cell Analyzers

Imaging Flow Cytometer


  • MacFlow 1 - With FlowJo Software → Booking
  • MacFlow 2 (new) - With FlowJo Software → Booking

  • PC - With FlowJo, FACSDiva and ModFitLT Software → Booking

No longer available

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