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Location: Room P3-A-44
Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
Model: SteREO Lumar V.12Axio Zoom.V16
Software: AxioVision
Year: 2009
SN: 3918000768
Zeiss Lumar V12 Booking
Zeiss Lumar V12 Usage Statistics

Microscope overview

The Zeiss Lumar V12 is a fluorescence stereo microscope suitable for high resolution 3D analysis of large specimens in fluorescent and transmitted light. The system is equipped with fluorescence filters for GFP, Cy3 and Cy5.5 and a sensitive cooled CCD camera (ORCA R2) that allows you to capture weak fluorescent signals and minimize photobleaching in light sensitive samples. With the Zeiss Lumar V12 you can perform multi-channel, Z-stack and time-lapse image acquisition of your samples, using two different objectives with different working distances and magnification values. If you need higher magnifications, check out the Leica DM5000B or the Zeiss Axiovert 200M.

System components


Position Filterset Reference Excitation Emission
1 Empty None None None
2 GFP FS13 460-480 nm 505-530 nm
3 Cy3 FS43 532-557 nm 570-640 nm
4 Cy5.5 FS32 652-677nm 700-750 nm


Magnification Model WD (mm) About
0.8x NeoLumar S 80 for visual magnification from 6.4x to 80x with eyepieces 10x

Upon Request:

Magnification Model WD (mm) About
1.5x NeoLumar S 30 for visual magnification from 12x to 150x with eyepieces 10x

Software Modules

  • Multichannel Acquisition
  • Z-stack Acquisition
  • Extended Focus

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