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Location: Room P2-B-42 ( 47246)
Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
Model: LSM 5 LIVE
Software: ZEN 2009
Year: 2007
SN: 2403000110
Zeiss LSM 7 Live Booking
Zeiss LSM 7 Live Quality Control
Zeiss LSM 7 Live Usage Statistics  
Zeiss LSM 7 Live Repair History
Zeiss LSM 5 Live Operating Manual  

System overview

The 3i Marianas SDC spinning disk confocal microscope is a fast imaging system which provides a trade-off between confocality, resolution and speed. It is an inverted microscope ideal for live cell applications which require fast acquisition speeds rather than high resolution images. The scanning unit achieves confocality by directing light through a spinning disk with many small pinholes. Images are then acquired with a sensitive EMCCD which allows for very small exposure times but is limited in resolution to 512×512 pixels. The stage is motorized and furthermore equipped with a piezo for Z displacement so fast 4D imaging is possible in multiple stage positions. The system is also equipped with a large size incubator for temperature control and a small stage incubator for CO2 supply. With this system you can perform optical sectioning of fluorescent samples which are too thick for a widefield system such as the Zeiss Cell Observer WF. Even though its resolution is not as high as a point-scanning confocal system such as the Zeiss LSM 880 or Zeiss LSM 710, it is much faster than these two systems. If you need to use an upright microscope, check the Zeiss LSM 7 Live fast confocal system instead. If your personal computer cannot handle all the data you collected, check out the Big Guy or Colossus.

System components


Laser Unit Wavelength Maximum Power Current Status
Laserstack 488 488 nm 100 mW ok
Laserstack 561 561 nm 100 mW ok
Laserstack 640 640 nm 100 mW ok


Magnification Model Type NA WD (mm)
20x Plan-Apochromat Dry 0.8 0.55
63x Plan-Apochromat Oil 1.40 0.19
100x Plan-Apochromat Oil 1.40 0.17

Upon request:

Magnification Model Type NA WD (mm)
25x LCI Plan-NeoFluar Oil/Glyc/W 0.8 0.21
40x Plan-Apochromat Dry 0.95 0.25

Emission Filtersets

Setting Transmission
1: 445 422-477 nm
2: 525 510-540 nm
3: 617 580-653 nm
4: 692 672-712 nm
5: QUAD 440+521+607+700 nm
6: Block No Transmission
7: Block No Transmission
8: Block No Transmission
9: Empty Empty
10: 445 422-477 nm

Microscope Turn On Procedure

  • Check that the main power supply switch is on (should be on by default)

  • Turn on the fluorescence lamp (if needed)

  • Turn on the secondary power supply switch

  • Turn on the power switch distributor (green) and the component power switches (red) one at a time

  • Turn on the Yokogawa spinning disk scanner (using the key)

  • Turn on incubation and CO2 on the touchscreen (if needed)

  • Turn on the lasers you need to use (using the key and the power switches)

  • Turn on the computer
  • Wait 2 min to allow for system components detection
  • Start the SlideBook software

Warning: If you need to change the stage adaptor, please contact the Bioimaging Facility ( | 47316)

Microscope Turn Off Procedure

  • Remove your sample from the stage/piezo holder
  • Exit the SlideBook software
  • Switch off the computer
  • Turn off all system components (follow the Turn On Procedure in reverse)

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