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 Please check the {{ ::​sop.ucf.004_-_ucf_imm_user_guidelines.pdf |User Guidelines}} for detailed information. Please check the {{ ::​sop.ucf.004_-_ucf_imm_user_guidelines.pdf |User Guidelines}} for detailed information.
-===== Cleaning Protocol ===== 
-**Are you done?** Just click on ''​Shutdown''​ and select ''​Shudown after sterilize''​. The ImageStreamX will automatically turn off all illumination sources and rinse 
-the entire fluidic system with water, sterilizer, cleanser, de-bubbler, and then 
-water again. The sterilizer is held in the system for ten minutes to ensure decontamination. 
-You can walk away from the system. It takes about 45 minutes of unattended operation to complete. 
 ---- ----
 [[resources|Back to the Resources page]] [[resources|Back to the Resources page]]
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