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Location: Room P2-A-49 ( 47224)
Manufacturer: BD Biosciences
Model: FACSymphony A5 SE
Nickname: "A5 SE"
Software: FACSDiva 9.6
Year: 2023
BD FACSymphony A5 SE Booking
BD FACSymphony Usage Statistics
BD FACSymphony A5 SE Brochure

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System overview

The BD FACSymphony™ A5 SE allows for high-parameter spectral flow cytometry. It enables you to gain full visible spectrum coverage to collect all light emitted without the need for filter changes, increasing dye flexibility and number of simultaneous colors. It also allows for autofluorescence unmixing, that may enable the resolution of difficult cells and populations.

  • 48 fluorescent detectors
  • Five lasers with ultra-violet (349nm), violet (405 nm), blue (488 nm), yellow-green (561 nm) and red (640 nm)
  • Enables both spectral unmixing and compensation workflows

If you need high parameter cell analysis, check the CYTEK Aurora.

If you need a multicolor analysis of less then 16, 13 or 4 parameters, check also the BD LSRFortessa X20, the BD LSRFortessa or BD Accuri C6 Plus.

If you need a high-throughput sampler, check the BD LSRFortessa or the CYTEK Aurora.


Suggested Fluorochrome Peak Channels

Additional Information

Booking Rules

Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for trained researchers.

Please check the User Guidelines for detailed information.

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