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Location: Room P2-A-22 ( 47217)
Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Microimaging
Model: Cell Observer SD
Nickname: "Cell Observer SD"
Software: ZEN
Year: 2015
Zeiss Cell Observer SD Booking
Zeiss Cell Observer SD Quality Control
Zeiss Cell Observer SD Usage Statistics  

System overview

The Zeiss Cell Observer SD spinning disk confocal microscope is a fast imaging system which provides a trade-off between confocality, resolution and speed. It is an inverted microscope ideal for live cell applications which require fast acquisition speeds rather than high resolution images. The scanning unit achieves confocality by directing light through a spinning disk with many small pinholes. Images are then acquired with a sensitive EMCCD which allows for very small exposure times but is limited in resolution to 512×512 pixels. The stage is motorized and furthermore equipped with a piezo for Z displacement so fast 4D imaging is possible in multiple stage positions. The system is also equipped with a large size incubator for temperature control, a small stage incubator for CO2 supply and with Definite Focus for hardware focus control during long time-lapse acquisitions. You can also use the system as a widefield microscope, using a sCMOS camera for acquisition. Even though its resolution is not as high as a point-scanning confocal system such as the Zeiss LSM 880 or Zeiss LSM 710, it is much faster than these two systems. You can also check the 3i Marianas SDC if you need a spinning disk with higher laser power illumination. If your personal computer cannot handle all the data you collected, check out the Big Guy or Colossus.

Data files older than 1 month will be automatically deleted on this system, please copy your data to the iMM server using the desktop link.

System components


Laser Unit Wavelength Maximum Power Current Status
Solid State Laser 405 405 nm 50 mW ok
Solid State Laser 488 488 nm 100 mW ok
Solid State Laser 561 561 nm 75 mW ok
Solid State Laser 638 638 nm 75 mW ok


Magnification Model Type NA WD (mm)
20x Plan-Apochromat Dry 0.8 0.55
40x LD C-Apochromat Water 1.10 0.62
40x Plan-Apochromat Oil 1.40 0.13
63x Plan-Apochromat Oil 1.40 0.19
63x Plan-Apochromat Ph3 Oil 1.40 0.19
100x alpha Plan-Apochromat Oil 1.46 0.11

Filtersets (Widefield)

Position Filterset Reference Excitation Emission
1 Green FS38HE 450-490 nm 500-550 nm
2 Red FS43HE 538-562 nm 570-640 nm
3 Blue FS49 335-383 nm 420-470 nm
4 Far Red FS50 625-655 nm 665-715 nm
5 QUAD FS81HE 357-393 nm 407-412 nm
473-496 nm 511-528 nm
545-562 nm 577-602 nm
620-642 nm 658-704 nm
6 none

Emission Filtersets (Confocal)

Position Transmission
1: BP 450/50 425-475 nm
2: TBP 526 601 688 510-542 nm
586-616 nm
663-713 nm
3: none
4: FE01-520/35 502-537 nm
5: BP 600 50 575-625 nm
6: BP 690/50 665-715 nm

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