The Lisbon Biomedical and Clinical Research PhD Program (LisbonBioMed) provides privileged education and training to generate PhDs in areas encompassing the full spectrum of biomedicine, based on the principle that science informs and shapes medicine, while human diseases provide critical clues for basic biological research.

The LisbonBioMed PhD Program encourages young basic and clinical researchers to work together, and to apply and produce new knowledge in the interplay between laboratory and clinical practice, acquiring a unique skill-set to succeed in international careers within the broad scope of Biomedicine.

Each LisbonBioMed PhD student will be offered:
• Privileged education at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM), a leading European biomedical research institute;
• Tailor-made curricular offer- following a common foundation module, courses are selected according to personal professional development plan;
• The chance to choose the PhD research project and supervisor (here you’ll find a list of potential supervisors for the 2018 edition);
• The possibility to spend between 3 and 12 months outside Portugal in a top-level research institution to develop the research project;
• A scholarship in biomedical sciences (full tuition and stipend for 4 years), regardless nationality.

LisbonBioMed is supported by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), and the academic degree is awarded by Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa (FMUL), accredited by the higher education agency (A3ES).


Domingos Henrique, PhD

Sérgio Dias, PhD
João Ferreira, MD, PhD
Luís Graça, MD, PhD
Ana Espada de Sousa, MD, PhD
João Eurico da Fonseca, MD, PhD


LisbonBioMed is a program focused on a supervised research project, complemented by a flexible advanced training modular component.

An initial 8 weeks training module, “Towards a creative and critical mind”, aims to promote student integration, fostering team bonding and interaction with putative supervisors, introduces complementary skills training, and raises awareness to transversal competences needed for a successful research career.

“Towards a creative critical mind” culminates with the PhD Students Annual Meeting, a privileged opportunity for students to interact with the community of iMM researchers. LisbonBioMed 1st year PhD students will also present their PhD project. A research proposal will then be submitted to FMUL Scientific Council. Meanwhile, students shall integrate their respective research units in order to start their research projects.

The curricular structure thereafter is flexible, allowing for personal selection of the set of courses matching each student´s professional development, with the necessary guidance of the supervisor and thesis committee. PhD students are also encouraged to take part in regular iMM Seminars, Workshops, PhD Students Annual Meeting and Retreat.

English is the working language at iMM and is used throughout the Program in all instances: lectures, discussions, written and presentation materials, seminars, etc.

Information on the successful candidates from previous editions:
- 32 LisbonBioMed PhD students are female and 17 are male;
- 43 LisbonBioMed PhD students are portuguese and 6 are foreigners (2 from India, one from Italy, one from Brasil and two from Poland);
- 17 LisbonBioMed PhD students did their MsC at iMM and 32 come from other institutions.