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Contrato de Trabalho

Early Stage Researcher for Chemical site-selective functionalization of proteins with boronic acids

Aberto de 16 Fevereiro 2016 até 29 Fevereiro 2016

Boronic acids are unique chemical enteties with unmach reactivity for chemical synthesis and exibit unique stuctural features to be used as building blocks. Recognizing the potencial of these reagents for selective chemical protein modification, Shultz and co-workers have disclosed a seminal study in which p-boronophenylalanine was genetically encoded into proteins. In this project, we envisioned to perform the site-selective chemical incorporation of this functionality throug the use of suitable reagents that enable the formation of stable thioether ligations. This will be achieved using reaction of engineered cysteine residues with vinyl dipicolinic acid derivatives.

08 Março 2016

Roberto Russo

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