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Welcome to the iMM's Comparative Pathology Unit Wiki.

Our aim is to provide histology and comparative pathology support to scientists investigating animal models of human disease, and scientists/physicians investigating human disease.

We transform fresh and fixed biological samples (cells, tissue biopsies, organs, whole organisms; from human, mouse, rat, fish, mosquitoes et al.) into thin and ultra-thin sections to be viewed under a microscope.

We provide assistance in animal study design, including choice of best fit-for-purpose animal/ disease model/ procedure for the experimental question, and choice of the appropriate method for organ collection, fixation and analysis.

We also view slides with the stained sections of the organs and tissues of your animals, under a microscope, and create a pathology report with representative images of the findings, for you to integrate with molecular data and translate to human and animal disease.

We help our researchers with the initial fixation steps for Electron microscopy and we also provide a line of communication between iMM and Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) where the TEM services will be provided.

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