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what is comparative medicine and pathology?

Comparative medicine and pathology are divisions of experimental medicine and pathology concerned with understanding phenomena integral to diseases of all species, including humans.

Investigation focuses on both the similarities and differences between species and includes the development, validation, and use of animal models (both naturally occurring and experimentally induced) to study the etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment of human and veterinary disease.

The discipline also includes the study of the normal biology of animals.

short CV

We are veterinary pathologists, experts in conducting gross and histopathological analysis of naturally occurring and experimentally induced lesions in laboratory animals, in various disease models.

We provide assistance in animal study design, including choice of best fit-for-purpose animal/ disease model/ procedure for the experimental question, and choice of the appropriate method for organ collection, fixation and analysis.

We also view slides with the stained sections of the organs and tissues of your animals, under a microscope, and create a pathology report with representative images of the findings, for you to integrate with molecular data and translate to human and animal disease.

Be sure to consult with us when designing your animal study, and check our publications.

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