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How to access our resources...

If you want to use a cell analyzer:

  • First, get in contact with us ( 47224). We will give you a guided tour through the Flow Cytometry Facility, so that you can have the best experience with our cytometers.
  • We strongly recomend you to read our tutorial for Basics of Flow Cytometry and the e-learning courses before your training session and before using the cytometers by yourself.
  • You should definitely read the Usage Rules and detailed User Guidelines
  • The next step will be to use our booking system in order to request access to the flow cytometer you want to use (if you do not have access to the booking system yet, please contact us).
  • The Flow Cytometry Facility will schedule a training session with you, it is mandatory. Only after training you will get access to the booking system and the Flow Cytometry room.

If you want to use a cell sorter:

  • Please contact us ( 47224) to get access to the cell sorters online booking.

If you want to analyze your results:

  • We have FlowJo, FACSDiva, and ModFit LT software on our MacFlow and PC workstations. You can book the computers online, just like the rest of our instruments. We are happy to teach you how to draw gates, analyse your data, and create figures in FlowJo.

Important Information

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