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If you want to use a cell analyzer:

  • Start by getting in contact with us by phone ( 47222), email ( or use the Agendo booking system to request access and training in a cell analyzer. The online booking system is mandatory whenever you want to book a system, if you do not have access to it, please Register in the link bellow as following: if you are an iMM user or an external user.
  • We will be happy to give you a guided tour through our facility, so that you can have the best experience with our cytometers. Also, we will ask you what type of experiments you pretend to do in order to evaluate if that is the most adequate system for your project and advice you during the experimental planning.
  • Before your training and before using the system by yourself, please read the e-learning books and our tutorials about the Flow Cytometry technique and the software you will use in our cytometers.
  • Please read our Usage Rules and detailed User Guidelines
  • We will schedule a theoretical training session and a practical one. After both sessions, you will have assisted sessions until you become an independent user.

If you want to use a cell sorter:

  • Please contact with us by phone ( 47222), email ( or use the Agendo booking system to request access to the cell sorters.
  • For a first time usage, we would like to schedule a small meeting, for you to explain us the proper details of your experiment. This is truly important to define the sorting best setup and conditions for your particular experiment.

If you want to analyze your results:

  • We have FlowJo, FACSDiva, and ModFit LT software on our MacFlow and PC workstations. You can book the computers online, just like the rest of our instruments in the Agendo booking system.
  • We also have a Data Analysis Service to help researchers getting easily from data to results. We not only provide you training if you want to get started on FlowJo software, as we also provide consultation and present new tools and optimized workflows to analyse flow data more efficiently. Feel free to discuss your data with us! You can find the Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Request in Agendo or you can send us an email!

Important Information

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