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Location: Room P2-A-49 ( 47224)
Manufacturer: BD Biosciences
Model: Accuri C6 Plus
Nickname: "Accuri"
Software: Accuri C6 Plus software
Year: 2015
SN: AC66051710059
BD Accuri C6 Plus Booking
BD Accuri C6 Plus Usage Statistics  

System overview

The BD Accuri C6 Plus cell analyzer is an easy-to-use benchtop flow cytometer that allows for absolute cell counting and has a flexible optical layout. It has two lasers - 488 nm and 640 nm and four fluorescence detectors. The BD Accuri C6 Plus can acquire up to 10,000 events/second, with the data being digitally collected over a 7-decade dynamic range. Its low pressure pumping system allows for acquisition with any type of device (e.g. FACS, Eppendorf or Falcon tubes). Since the sample tube remains open (is not pressurized), the Accuri C6 Plus allows for addition of compounds without interruption in sampling. The fluidics system derives sample volume and can determine absolute cell counts or sample concentration per microliter. If you need a cell analyzer with more colors, check the BD LSRFortessa 1 instead.

  • Two lasers: blue (488 nm) and red (640 nm)
  • Multicolor analysis of up to 4 parameters


Additional Information

Booking Rules

Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for trained researchers.

Please check the User Guidelines for detailed information.

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