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 ===== Microscope Turn On Procedure ===== ===== Microscope Turn On Procedure =====
   * Turn on the ''​MAIN SWITCH''​   * Turn on the ''​MAIN SWITCH''​
-  * Turn on the ''​SYSTEMS/​PC''​ switch 
 {{zeiss_lsm_880_1.jpg?​100}} {{zeiss_lsm_880_1.jpg?​100}}
   * Turn on the incubation system (**A** on remote control)   * Turn on the incubation system (**A** on remote control)
 +  * Turn on the ''​SYSTEMS/​PC''​ switch
   * Turn on the computer   * Turn on the computer
   * Login in to Windows (Bioimaging User)   * Login in to Windows (Bioimaging User)
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