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Zeiss LSM 510 (no longer available)

Location: no longer available
Manufacturer: Zeiss
Model: LSM 510
Year: 1998
SN: 450240

Microscope overview

The LSM 510 system is a point scanning laser confocal microscope prepared for live imaging and photobleaching experiments. The system can be equipped with a small size incubator for temperature control.

LASER units

Laser Unit Wavelength Maximum Power Current Status
Argon 458, 488 and 514 nm 25 mW not working
HeNe1 543 nm 1 mW not working
HeNe2 633 nm 5 mW ok


Magnification Class Immersion NA More info
10x Plan-Neofluar No 0.30 440330-0000
63x Plan-Apochromat Oil 1.40 440761-9905
100x Plan-Neofluar Oil 1.30 440480-9903

Filter and Dichroic sets

Main configuration window Emission filters for channel 1 Emission filters for channel 2 Channel separation dichroic Laser separation dichroic

Microscope Turn On Procedures

  • Turn on the two UPS near the microscope.


  • Turn the remote control on.


  • Turn the HBO lamp on.


  • Turn the halogen transmitted light power source on.


  • Turn the computer on.
  • Login to the computer, start the LSM software.

Microscope Turn Off procedures

If there's another user for this microscope in the next two hours:

  • Close the software, leave the lasers on an log off the computer.
  • Clean up any objective were you used immersion oil.
  • Make sure that there really is another user going to use the microscope.


  • Clean up any objective were you used immersion oil.
  • Turn off the lasers in the software (wait for laser cooling!)
  • Clean up immersion objectives
  • Turn off the HBO lamp.
  • Turn off the transmitted light lamp.
  • Shutdown the computer.
  • Turn off the remote control.
  • Turn off the two ups.
  • This PDF shows how to work with the system, it's not exactly the same system configuration but teaches a lot about the software.

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