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Location: Room P0-A-30
Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
Model: Axio Zoom.V16
Software: ZEN 2012 (blue edition)
Year: 2014
SN: 3941000138
Zeiss AxioZoom V16 Booking
Zeiss AxioZoom V16 Usage Statistics

Microscope overview

The Zeiss AxioZoom V16 is a fluorescence stereo microscope suitable for imaging large samples such as complete organisms. The system is equipped with fluorescence filters for GFP and RFP and a monochromatic camera (AxioCam MRm). With the Zeiss AxioZoom V16 you can perform multi-channel, Z-stack and time-lapse image acquisition of your samples, using a 1x objective with a high numerical aperture of NA 0.25. If you need higher magnifications, check out the Leica DM5000B or the Zeiss Axiovert 200M.

System components


Position Filterset Reference Excitation Emission
1 GFP FS38HE 450-490 nm 500-550 nm
2 RFP FS63HE 559-585 nm 600-690 nm
3 Empty None None None
4 Empty None None None


Magnification Model NA WD (mm) About
1x PlanNeoFluar Z 0.25 56 for visual magnification from 7x to 112x with eyepieces 10x

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